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We at Georgia Carpet Ind are proud to present our new partner and hospitality designer, Roderick James.

Roderick James
C.D.S. Services

Roderick James specializes in signature flooring design for the Hospitality industry. C - Color: He helps clients coordinate project colors with floor coverings and suggests a pallette of the most suitable colors to work with. D - Design: Roderick uses some of the latest designer software to create designs, which upon client approval can be sent to his manufacturing partners. S - Sample: There they will create samples of products such as Area Rugs, Woven Broadloom and Tufted Carpets, in Wool, Nylon, and Polypropylene yarn systems. After the client has approved these samples, the final manufacturing process will begin and shipment arrangements will be made.


Who Roderick James Is

Roderick James began his trade 30 years ago in Scotland and Ireland as a young designer hand painting and mixing colors for Hospitality projects. This gave Roderick the necessary skills to further his career both here in the US as well as Europe and Asia. Roderick is an award winning, international designer, who uses powerful graphic design software to create his unique hospitality styles and designs. Over fifteen years working directly with manufacturers has given Roderick access to resources most designers could not imagine and an extensive knowledge of how his designs will be created after he is finished at the drawing board.



Here are some examples of designs done by Roderick for many prominent members of the hospitality industry.

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